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New year capsule winter wardrobe

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I am at that point in my life where function takes over form when it comes to dressing especially during the cold months. January and February are the epitome of this. I keep things simple for the most part adn tend stick to an equation. Jeans and sweaters along with boots and a good coat can take one all the way to spring. I am rarely able to motivate myself to wear a dress for the day to day during these wet cold monnths. . This year I've been eyeing some sweatshirts (which are a step ahead of sweatshirts from yester years) that I plan on layering with collar for a stylish yet comfortable daily look.

I've included some staples below that will last me through the winter and for many winters to come. I'll be layering my sweatshirt with ruffled collars along with jeans, and with a fun furry coat and warm boots.


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