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I am a 40 something mom of two girls and the founder of The Malabar Collective. 

The Malabar collective Is about adding a little beauty and joy into our lives, whether it be through a pretty tablecloth, or dress, or a cushion for your sofa. It’s about celebrating the everyday and bringing people together. At the heart we work with artisans, self-employed entrepreneurs making everything in small batches with love.    

This blog is an extension of that. It’s place for me to share other things I love, what I am buying and how I style it.  It will feature things I love in the hopes of inspiring you and giving you ideas be it settling a table, planning a holiday or your wardrobe. 

I am always mixing high and low and finding quality on a budget. I love repeating and reworking things season after season. I get just as thrilled when wearing something 10 years old as I do something brand new. 

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